Beat Wear Manila

Let’s get to know Beat Wear Manila
At first, we were just playing around with our ideas of putting up an online store. After hours, days and even months of brainstorming, we came up with something more creative.
We thought: why not use this online store to be an influence to others in the line of ART and FASHION.
Beat Wear Manila isn’t just a business, it’s an advocacy. An advocacy that aims to encourage you to follow your own choice of style and have the confidence to show your creativity regardless of the people around you. We also want to show you that anything can be fun as long as you love what you are doing. As of now, since we are just starting, we will only offer a limited number of products.. but believe us, we have UN-LI-MI-TED ideas!!!
We do hope that you will be with us throughout this adventure!
Hearing your heart beat to the beat of the drums,
Toni, Reynard and Bea
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