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Bea’s heart has always been inclined to art and design. Her passion for it continues to grow as she studies BS Interior Design at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She strives to grow in the fashion world through her own style and her soon-to-open clothing online shop together with her two other friends.

Bae, although already popularized as someone’s “significant other”, “before anything else” or a Danish word for “poop”, it’s a nickname some of her friends call her. She is a persistent dreamer who wants to make her dreams a reality. All she wants in life is to be blessed, be inspired, inspire and give opportunities which she hopes to be successful with through this blog and her future plans. “Bae next door” is inspired by the phrase “the girl next door” as she lives a simple life as a Filipina dreamer.

She is humbly grateful for everything and for those who inspire her always, her family and friends. She is especially thankful to the Almighty God, our Father who loves us so dearly.