A good treat before the hellweek

Schooool’s one weeeek away. I can see my summer fading away. No, please. Actually, I had a pretty good summer. I rested well and I did a lot of things. Yay!

Today, it’s Papa John’s Pizza Tuesday!! (There’s a discount at Papa John’s every Tuesday. 2 14″ Party Pizzas for the price of P520) This might be my last pizza for the Summer and I’m glad it was from Papa John’s.


14″ Party Chicken Bacon Ranch


14″ Party Texas Heat

Their pizza is my ultimate favorite. I just love love love everything about it. The “oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about” flavor. The good distribution of toppings. The dough. Of course, the butter where I dip the crusts and the, oh, so good jalapenos.


We also had lasagna for dinner. This was a frozen ready-made lasagna.

I am so grateful for the food we ate. I was definitely full and satisfied. The dinner was really heavy so I didn’t go to bed and sleep right away. I prepared my hot green tea for the night, did my nightly face routine and did more laptop stuff.

That is all! Good night 🙂


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