Pachelbel’s Canon in D

“Ma, Are you okay?”, Alex asked when her mom was driving her home from school. “You seem a little bit off. I thought my friends we’re okay to come over tonight?” “Basta, anak.”, her mom replied.

Silence filled the car. Until her mom said, “Anak, I’ll stay muna at your Lola’s house tonight ah.” Alex, with a confused look in her eyes, asked ” What? Why, Ma? Nag-away ba kayo ni Papa?”

Her mom started tearing up. “No, anak, di kami nag-away ng Tatay mo.”

“Eh, bakit kayo aalis Ma? Sama nalang ako sayo kina Lola. Sasamahan kita.” She started holding on to her mom’s purse so that her mom won’t go without her. A smart kid she, indeed, is. “Hindi na. Hahatid kita sa bahay tapos aalis na din ako agad.” But Alex was really persistent. As they got home, she didn’t leave the car if her mom won’t go out of it, as well. “Ma, wag ka na umalis. Ano ba nangyare?” “Wala, anak. Mag-iisip lang ako.”, her mom replied.” “No, Ma, please, akyat muna tayo.”

Hope sparkled in her eyes when her mom agreed to finally go down the car. When they were walking up the stairs, her dad together with her sister came home. Alex sat on the staircase when her parents talked in the garage. Her sister, Kate, sat beside her. “What happened?”, she asked Kate. “I don’t know.” Both were still confused. She kept thinking  of what’s gonna happen.

They can hear every word of their parent’s conversation. “What happened? Bakit? Okay naman tayo diba?”, her dad kept asking. He sounded so confused. You can hear the shaking sound of his voice from trying not to cry.

“May iba ba?”, her dad asked.

Silence. Silence was all she heard. Alex started shaking. She and Kate cannot stop the pain and the tears. Hugging each other trying to stop the shattering of the heart.

Both were thinking the same thing… “What is it to believe in love if one of your parents doesn’t?”

They all went upstairs. Their parents still tried to talk things through. Kate and Alex went inside their rooms. Alex’s room was next to her parent’s. She can still hear every word. She can’t sleep but her tears had a way of comforting her that put her to sleep.

When she woke up. She wanted to forget. She wanted to distract herself. She hated the pain. So she went up to their music room. Bed cushions were laid on the floor because she was supposed to have a sleep over. She removed her piano on the stand and laid it down the bed as she sat down. She was trying to remember the only piece she knew… Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Her mom went inside the room to say her goodbyes. “Ma, was that true???”, asking if there was someone else. “Anak, maiintindihan mo pagtanda mo. I love you, anak.”

Her mom walked outside her door as she hugged her daughter goodbye. She saw her own mom leaving her. Alex was left there sobbing, trying to still press each key on the piano just to get her mind off of it. She played the song until she forgot. She played and played until her tears stopped flowing from her eyes. She played Pachelbel’s Canon in D until she didn’t feel anything.

That was the day it all started. That was the day she started running away from possible love stories because she knows that when there is love, there is pain. She knows that when somebody comes into her life, there’s a possibility that that person will leave her. That’s the day she started cutting people off.

She was the girl who got her heart broken by not a boy but her mom.



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