My bizarre magnet: Commercials

*Bizarre magnet will be a home to some random facts about me and thoughts in my weird little head. I’ll be talking about weird things I like or I’m attracted to, hence the words “bizarre” meaning strange and “magnet”, meaning a person or thing with a powerful attraction. Yup, I think you get the idea 🙂

Do you like watching Teleseryes/ TV Shows? Don’t you get so pissed when commercials take up most of the allotted time for that TV Show? Well, I know a lot do. I, too, get really impatient especially when I get hooked with the TV Show. I mean, right?

That all changed when commercials in the Philippines changed. I started watching almost only the commercials. My dad would usually catch me tearing up or sobbing because of a commercial. He would catch my attention being shocked and all. Hahaha.


One of the commercials now which I really like is the one from Smart. It was really, you could say,… “smart.” In our world today, we are surrounded by a lot of social media sites which includes Facebook. Being friends on facebook is really a big deal for most of the people. The son in the story, haven’t accepted his father’s request on FB yet because of the posts he has with his boyfriend. Once he added his father as a friend on Facebook he texted his that he already did so. And to his joy, his father replied with the same thing that he accepts him as well. He accepts him as a person and as his son, still. I guess Smart was saying that they want to be part of the people’s lives especially in times like this. They want to be an instrument of bring families, friends, acquaintances together and intact.

I observe and watch thoroughly a commercial I see. It started when the commercials made sense and the people behind these creations thought not only about the product being advertised but more on the values that the Filipinos promote and treasure.

Well, it’s that or I’m really a big crier and very emotional……

But seriously though, the commercials are being better and better. Keep it up the people behind them!! You are the reason why I liked advertising in the first place. (When I had to choose which course I wanted. Disclaimer: I didn’t end up getting that course.)

Keep on inspiring others with what you love to do! Always do your 101% best. You’ll never know who you’ll inspire next. That person could possibly be the future president, future CEO or the next big writer. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


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