Bae’s blogging past


For the years I have been blogging or I have tried blogging, I always forget to be consistent with all of my previous blogs. I actually own a lot up on Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. As I look back, I saw that almost all of them had things in common: My personal life, me explaining my Identity and my name, my love for fashion, baking and the arts and my opinions in life and the fact that I started all of them but at some point in my life, I stopped posting.

Here, let me introduce you to my ex-blogs.

I think the very first time I have encountered blogs was through Tumblr. There I would re-blog all the things that I’d find interesting and fun. I started, then, to gain interest in making my own website/ blog. I think I tried to use Although, I did that when I was still in freshmen/ sophomore year in high school, I think. Details are pretty blurry. The editing, posting, and my writing and all wasn’t very successful. I switched, later on, to Blogger.

I think blogger is also good when it comes to blogging. My website there had a lot of traffic. Everything actually went well. Then, I went deep into college and I felt a bit shy about my blog and I wanted to focus on my studies so I stopped. That blog’s title was Art in my Closet because I believed that clothes are pieces of art which are stored in the closet.

After a while, I realized that Fashion and blogging is still in my heart. I decided to go back to Tumblr and make a new blog dedicated to my love for fashion. Reading my first post there just opened my heart to fashion, styling, clothes and art again. The title of the blog is Chanel in Training that is why I’d introduce myself as “Coco” bc “Coco Chanel” lol. Since I am an amateur in the field, I added the words “in Training”.  I quoted my first post below.

A little introduction about myself. As I’ve said in the description bar, my name’s not Coco. I’d rather not tell my name. I just like to hide under the name Coco. Sorry for being mysterious.

I’m an Asian from the southeast part of the world. Philippines to be exact. And we all know it is so damn hard to dress in this country. People will be looking at you, judging you in every angle. Giving you a disgusted look just because you expressed your true self. It’s so unfair! This was really the main reason I have just stepped in my comfort zone when dressing myself and buying clothes. So, I say let’s be ourselves. Express ourselves. Be confident and fierce! And, I’ll do the same. So, watch out for a lot of ootds, tips, trends, and updates.

Oh and btw, you can totally ask me anything! I’ll be here to help you guys in any fashion emergency. I’ll be your Fashion 911.

xoxo, little coco

For me, I think that is actually a really good introduction. It didn’t become successful because that first post was also the last post of the blog. Hahaha. Sayang. I would’ve liked that minimalist theme I chose years ago. Oh well.

After my freshmen year in college in UST, 2 years ago, I was put in a situation where I felt abandoned, detroyed and broken. These were the days in my life I wanted everything to end. I viewed life as meaningless because my home was torn apart. I needed something to help me process everything and at that time, I thought it was writing and so I made a new blog on Blogger. There, I would just narrate everything that was happening. I introduced myself as a different person, of course, so no one would recognize me in that story. Two years ago was really devastating and hard but that blog kept me alive and going. I stopped writing there as soon as I felt better.

That same year, I found another blogging website, WordPress and I really liked everything about it. The free styles of templates suited my taste. Blogging, viewing stats and customizing the site was really easy peazy. In wordpress, I started with Waterlemons. I chose that name because I wanted to show the quirky and random side of me. I used my whole name for the domain because I think it just seemed professional. I posted ootds, fashion sketches and other creations but, sadly, it also didn’t last long. After that, I made a new one in WordPress which is It’s just Bea. There, I wrote my reflections, stories which ends in life lessons, and a couple of verses/ quotes. During this time, I had a surface level of understanding of who our God is and His love for us.I created that blog so that I could express all that. Same to all the previous blogs, it just rot and died.

My blogging life has been null ever since until a week ago when my everyday life was filled with a lot of reflections on my mind. Bae next door was born. I am really hoping this blog will grow and reach hundreds and thousands of people. After writing this, I realized that my current blog is actually a mix of all the other blogs I did before and that is why I’m ready to finally stick to this one.

You might wonder why I never deleted my previous blogs even though I have forgotten them anyway. These blogs were a part of who I was and they created who I am today. I saw my progress in my writing skills. I saw how I grew and I am proud of every step I had.

God didn’t forget the dream which I forgot. I wanted to be a successful blogger back in 2012. He sculpted me to be a better writer, adventurer, friend, blogger, photographer, fashionista every single day through the years. He made me a better blogger in every blog I started. He made me more mature in all the things I have been through and in all the problems I have conquered.

Just put yourself out there with the thing you love doing. Tell it to God and pray for it. I claim that in whatever field your heart desires, you will succeed.


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