Little faith

“Wala kang tiwala sakanya”

I read that through a text to me. Those words echoed in my head as it kept repeating. I was shocked and I felt offended because I was actively serving in Church then I was told that I didn’t have faith in Him. I got confused.

This happened 2 years ago when I was manually looking and lining up for subjects/ slots I can enlist just to pass the minimum 15 slots in school. I was so desperate and I texted everyone to pray for me. That’s when I received the text.

He was right. I was so worried too much I won’t get any subjects. You know what I didn’t do which I realized after? I didn’t pause for a while to tell it to God first. I was so focused on that problem, I forgot that I have the moooost powerful, amazing and loving father ever and that is God. He is your Father, too.

This coming semester, for our first run in online pre-enlistment, I got 15 units plus NSTP! Isn’t that amazing? I usually get nothing or just 9 units. Thank you, Lord! You are the greatest!

Looking back two years ago, I didn’t get 15 units right away but I was still thankful. I had a lesson learned. I had to work really hard for the subjects to line up for them and enlist them so that I know what I’ll hold onto when class starts. I won’t take the subjects for granted.

I think God knows what we need in our situation right now. So, friend, turn to Him always. He’s always there and He has a  great plan for us. Just have faith. Tiwala lang. Let’s praise and always thank Him for everything. Thank you, Lord!


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