Baked Churros

One of the things I also like doing is kitchen work and baking. My dad studied baking at Tesda and so he bought a loooot of baking supplies which I am thankful for because I had a chance to learn and love the art and its wonder. Recently, he bought a 45L electic oven that was on sale at SM. This electric oven, compared to the others I saw, was, I think, better because the holes on its right interior allows air to circulate inside, or so they say. I just tried it out a while ago to see if this electric oven was a good buy or not.

To test it out I made baked churros! I used the recipe Nikki Limo tried in one of her videos. See recipe here.

This is the final mixture which I piped unto baking sheets. I didn’t have a huge star nozzle so I just piped it normally and I used a fork to create lines on top so that later, there would be pockets where the cinnamon & sugar will hold onto.

According to the instructions manual of the oven, set the temperature first in Celcius degrees according to what the recipe says, then, determine where the heat will come from and, then, set the timer for about 10 minutes to heat up the interior of the oven. I placed the thermometer and swung it right over the rod at the top.

Hooking the thermometer on the “rod that heats up” was actually a really wrong idea. I kept looking at the thermometer, and I wasn’t getting the right temperature, so I kept adjusting and adjusting. I hooked it on the rod that heats up to regulate the temperature of the interior so the thermometer actually doesn’t read the temperature of the air but the rod’s temperature, instead. Very nice. Much wow. Hahaha. I realized this when I already put the churros inside after the 20 minutes they were supposed to cook and they didn’t look done. So, i put them back again inside. I set the temperature to what was required and I didn’t mind the thermometer.

So, I learned that I do not trust easily. Lol. I’m sorry Hanabishi for not trusting you’ll get the right temperature. I’ll let you do you. You did great, Hana.

So, the good thing about Hana is that she has light inside which gives me a good view of what’s baking. Another good thing about it is that you get to choose whether the heat comes from the rod on top, below or both with or without convection.

Another thing I noticed is that the horizantal holes for convection releases heat and is focused on heating the ones aligned to it. Because if this, I had to adjust and turn the baking sheets so that both sides of the churros turns golden.

I finished it off coating the churros with cinnamon and sugar. I heated up chocolate with milk in the microwave to make the chocolate sauce. Just add the milk little by little to get the right consistency.

I think the electric oven is pretty useful if you don’t have LPG left or if you’re living in a condominium or if you’re going to bake outside your home. It actually did a good job maintaining the right heat inside because i noticed the rods turn from color red to its normal color without me adjusting the temperature. In the end, even if you are using the normal oven or the electric oven, you always always have to check what’s happening with your baking goodies inside. What’s the important thing is that the oven does its job and it is to heat up and bake these goodies. What’s important in everything is always the inside 💛

As for the churros, it’s a bit more softer than the regular churros that goes through frying. But it’s still churros and I think the recipe’s okay and yummy. Try the recipe out, tell me what you think and leave a comment below or try out other recipes and tell me what you thought about it. Just try and try! Because that is the only way you’ll know what works gor you. You can also suggest me desserts or food I could try out for you guys to see/ read/ or maybe watch (hopefully soon). That’s all for today! 💛

PS. Churros are meant to be fried. After a couple of hours they just became soggy and it looked like a fried saba.


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