Let’s Bae Honest

When we were kids, we were always told to be honest. But, we only did it because we were told to do so and such act like honesty is good and lying is bad. Well, that was the case for me. It might not be the same for you. Only recently I understood why honesty is important.

I was not honest with myself but i didnt know that. I was in a place where I thought would be good for me. Everything in that situation/ relationship was really good. Everything was smooth except for my true feelings which I ignored because I thought it would also change through time. After days and weeks staying in that situation, I still had this gut feeling that I was not supposed to be in that situation. I ended up hurting the person who I was with. It’s so hard to know that I have hurt someone because of a careless act I’ve done.

Have you been honest with yourself? Are you doing something you truly love? Are you true to your feelings?

I think it’s better late than being sorry for not trying or for being too late.

Let’s take a few minutes of our own time, ask ourselves and really think about it. Pray for God’s plan and the situation we’re in.


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